Catch Squidwings Jigging (Classic)



Catch Fishing Squidwings Classic

Jig it, Cast it, troll it!

We know all fish love to eat squid, whether they are arrow squid, calamari or any other species! SO, the legends at Catch Fishing set to develop a multi use squid lure. The aim was to develop a lure that was suitable for a wide range of fishing styles, including shore based, trolling, casting and jigging.

Additionally, Catch wanted a lure that will catch most species of fish such as Snapper, Kingfish, Gurnard, Kahawai, Tuna, Trevally and more even Hapuka.
A lot of effective fish catching features are built into this lure: glitter, holographics, glow paint, silver belly with contrasting topside, realistic 3D eyes and super strong hooks with bite resistant PE assist cord. All the features to increase the odds for the angler.

Squidwings has been tested in a range of different situations, such as surf casting, trolling, slow jigging, mechanical jigging, casting and retrieving topwater, and kayak fishing. We have had some sensational results.
The secret is in the wings. They give the lure stability and a bubble trail when fished topwater, and an amazing swimming action when jigged. Combined with the super tough skirt, it creates an aggressive attack response in most fish.

Here is one more thing about Squidwings. The body and the skirt combine to be a big profile in the water, and you will tend to attract the larger fish.

Squidwings may just change your day!

60, 80, 100g sizes in a variety of colours