Gamakatsu Sabiki S150 Keimura


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Dimensions15 × 8 × 1 cm


Gamakatsu Sabiki S150 Keimura

Perfect sabiki for kingfish livies!

Looking to catch yakkas, slimeys, trevally and other small live baits? These rigs are absolutely awesome for catching live-bait for your days fishing or even catching target species such as Trevally, Tailor and Salmon. Built on world renowned Gamakatsu hooks, they keep the standards up to Gamakatsu name, these Sabiki rigs are not only durable they are high in rust resistance! Featuring a UV coated hooks, which is a bite stimulant in deep water, as it mimics the ‘glow’ of plankton, prawns and squid in black ocean. perfect all round sabiki and recommended by Salt Guide and Gawaine Blake.

Size 9 is the ideal size for livies!!