Megabass Big-M 7.5



Megabass Big M 7.5

Mega Deep Diving Big M!

BIG-M 7.5 is the crash diving super long casting version on the slightly larger Megabass Big M 4.0! Brilliant for Murray Cod, barramundi and other top of the food chain predators that hang deep. This lure gets down and in their face! Designed with the same flat sides on the lure as the Big M 4.0 and specifically designed to imitate natural bait that fish feed on.

Daring to adopt flat side design, further lowering the center of gravity of the lure. It is designed to realize a sharp rolling sharpness that creates huge flash and attraction. Furthermore, it achieves the overwhelming long castability of splashing the headwind and flying, and achieving a stress-free comfort that is not fatigued at all even if you pull it all day. Packaging elements of different dimensions by engineering that overwhelmingly increased the appeal power to Big Mama, who is going around deep, in the dimension that we never had before. NEW generation of the big crank which Yoshi Ito and the new generation development team created together, supervised by Shiki Sato, the president of the ogre who is also said to be a manager of Lake Biwa. It is “Giant Killer Crank” which dramatically increased the encounter rate with  massive bass that it is not comparable with the big crank so far.

Length: 114 mm

Weight: 2 1/8 oz. (60grams)
Type: Floating
Depth: Max depth 7.5m (on long cast). Approx 3m PLUS running depth on standard casting
Trebles: 2x #1 (We replace with Shout Treble 21 size #1)