Sea Falcon S Impact Jig 200g

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 2 cm


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Sea Falcon S Impact Jig 200g

Sea Falcon S Impact 200g is a jig specializing in long falls and long lifts. The unique shape delivers a flutter on the fall, with more weighting towards the centre of the jig than the Sea Falcon Z Slow jig. This makes if more suited to a long fall style retrieve. A jerk style retrieve with the S Impact will make the jig swim in an ‘S’ pattern. A great jig for deep-water fish and demersal jigging!

  • Slow Pitch Jig
  • Erratic Jerk and Falling Action
  • Great For ¼, ½ and 1 Pitch Jerk
  • Target Species:
  • Multi-Species, but especially Grouper, Snapper, demersal, reef fish
  • Made in Japan