Tackle House Contact Feed Popper 120mm


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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions15 × 3 × 3 cm


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Tackle House Contact Feed Diving Popper 120mm

Super Strong Small sized popper for Huge fish!

Heavy duty popper designed for big fish. The slim profile and durability of the lure makes it popular world wide. Full one piece stainless steel internal harness makes this a super strong lure. Ideal for big fish feeding on small baitfish. Great small cup popper, good bubble trail action.

Multiple Sizes – 100mm (22g), 120mm (30g), 150mm (60g)

Type – Floating / Diving / Popper

Tough Polycarbonate Construction
Species – Proven on yellowtail kingfish, tropical species, omani bream in small sizes, Sensational tuna popper!
Long Casting – Rear Weighted
Rotating Internal Weight System
Unique Action & Balance
One Piece Internal Frame
Rigged with Owner ST46 #1 Trebles and owner Hyper Split Rings

Made In Japan – High Quality