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Red is in the air…

Its soon that time again – red fever in Victoria when good weather will be met with a flurry of activity as boaties discover flat batteries, cob webs and corrosion as they pull the cover off the boat and get it ready for the new ‘season’ ahead.  We are all eagerly anticipating this warmer weather and what it will bring, with plenty of conjecture around the timing of the bite beginning, the size of the run and the various views surrounding what the average size of the fish will be are all common discussion points.  We have been as spoilt as an only child of recent years with each season seemingly better then the last – can this trend continue?  I would think at some time the snapper resurgence must plateau but am happy to be proved wrong!  The subject of the success of a season is an interesting point and difficult to definitively measure but it’s certainly been very good over the last decade.  The trial dredging and then the actual dredging of Port Phillip Bay and the resulting failed spawns of those years must surely begin to show soon with gaps in the fish sizes.  As good as our fishery is now; the questions remain for Victorian snapper aficionados can it get better?  Please enjoy this teaser to get the juices flowing and get the boat in for a service now, and remember where these fish come from!   p.s. the bays are full of garfish at the moment, get out early and stock up on some of the best bait available.

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