Ryugi Deep Tracer

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Ryugi Deep Tracer

Fish lures at any depth!

Ryugi Deep Tracer allows you to simply fish swimbaits, hard bodies and any lure at any depth range without destroying it's action. Designed similar to a spinnerbait wire setup, with a Tungsten sinker on one end and a split ring on the other arm. Tie your leader directly to the swivel and you are fishing! Fully welded arm twist for extra strength.

Fast to rig and provides snag protection for your lure also. This rig excels on floating lures and allows you to fish them at deep depth. Just use the weight rig required for your depth. Doesn't kill the lure action like some chin weights do and proven on XL Lake Biwa Large-mouth Bass in testing and design. Currently one of the hottest swimbait accessories in Japan and you can get them here at Ebb Tide Tackle!

One rig per pack, a range of weights to choose from!

(Lure in image is not included)

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