Shout Bobbin Knotter III 313BK


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Shout Bobbin Knotter 313BK

The Shout 313BK Bobbin Knotter III PR Knot is used to knit a PR Knot, which is used to connect PE and a monofilament shock leader. This allows to avoid significant thickening on the shock leader and reduce the problems arising from friction of the shock leader knot when it passes through the spinning rings, and therefore increase the casting distance of the bait.
- Rated PE #3-6.
- the presence of a friction clutch for adjusting the tension of the cord when knitting a knot.
- Teflon coating to prevent damage to the cord when knitting.

Shout Bobbin Knotter III 313BK

Shout Bobbin Knotter III 313BK


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