Shout Entice Pop

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Shout Entice Popper

Entice Pop is specifically designed and developed for highly pressured kingfish in Japan. A small cup with a very unique design and shape that is designed to run subsurface and still be able to pop with a deep fish attracting sound. Has a very high hookup rate due to the shape of the lure and designed to be rigged with Shout Treble 31 in 4/0s.

Ideal popper for fish feeding on sauries and long profile bait. Very universal in use, with fast action, long draws and it makes a great fish raising sound when slow popped.

Also a great tuna popper and at home to raise mid sized GTs on the reef!

Rigging: 2x Shout Treble 31 in 4/0s, Double Kudako 5/0 or Shout Twin hook 4/0


230mm long