Shout Entice Two Seduce Dive 230mm stickbait

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Shout Entice Two Seduce Dive 230mm Stickbait

Entice Two Stickbait has been reinvented for highly pressured kingfish in Japan. The lure has a sleek and easy to use shape, with great balance and tail weighting for casting. An enticing wobbling action with a great bubble trail help to attract fish to the lure. The unique body shape and sides help to maximise the holographic flash from the lure. This new version Shout Entice stickbait, made in Japan, is from foam resin and is designed for maximum action. Designed to be rigged with Shout Treble 31 in 4/0s.

Ideal stickbait for kingfish, tuna and bluewater all-rounder!

Rigging: 2x Shout Treble 31 in 4/0s, Double Kudako 5/0


230mm long