Shout Ringed Kudako 207RK


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Shout Ringed Kudako 207RK

The best ringed single lure hook EVER!

The Shout Ringed Kudako hook is the answer to a common rigging problem!

An outstandingly strong single hook featuring a solid ring for attachment to your split ring.

No more double split ring rigs and the solid ring provides extra hook movement for a truly solid hookup.

The best tail hook for bluewater lures, poppers and stickbaits on the market. The slightly offset eye allows the hook to drive in easily. These are super strong and sharp.

Size 1/0  1.3g   6 per pack

Size 2/0  1.8g   6 per pack

Size 3/0  2.5g   5 per pack

Size 5/0  4.1g   3 per pack

Size 6/0  6.4g   2 per pack

Size 7/0  8.6g   2 per pack

Size 8/0  12.0g  2 per pack

Size 9/0  13.0g  2 per pack


Shout Ringed Kudako 207RK

Shout Ringed Kudako 207RK

$14.95 - $24.95

Shout Ringed Kudako 207RK

$14.95 - $24.95