Shout STAY Jig


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Shout Stay Jig

"Yellow Tail Junkie" Shout Stay is close to the ultimate Yellowtail Kingfish jig. The centre weighted design allows the jig to dart and pause or "stay" horizontally on retrieve to allow the perfect attack trigger for predators. The jig has a great dart and pause style action, with the angled edges helping drive the jig as a slide actor style, the Stay will be in the face of the fish for longer, resulting in some huge strikes and crushing takes. A sensational jig to have in the deepwater jigging kit.

Stay performs with both fast and slow retrieves. A slower retrieve sees the Stay roll and fall, proving irresistible to shut down fish. If you chase Kingies, this is a must have!

Ideal for Yellowtail Kingfish, Amberjack & Tuna (especially Dogtooth) and reef fish all over the world.

Available in 160g, 200g, 300g.