Siren Antidote 110

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  • Siren Cap -BWO Trucker Cap
  • Siren Cap - Digi Camo Trucker
  • Siren Cap - Flatbill 6 panel
  • Siren Cap - Flatbill 7 panel Blue
  • Siren Grey Camo Trucker
  • Siren Cap - Performance Tech

Siren Lures Antidote 110

The Stickbait Cure for Fussy Pelagics & Inshore Beasts, especially Tuna.

Plus, Save 25% on a Siren Cap with an Antidote stick bait!

Compact & Dense for outstanding castability the Antidote 110 sinks quickly with a quivering flutter. A steady retrieve produces a tight S swimming motion with a sharp tail beat. 

Stable in action this lure responds well to subtle or aggressive rod work providing the angler with a versatile lure that may be effectively worked at a variety of speeds, depths and retrieves.

Sweep & Pause, Burn, Twitch or Subsurface WTD 

Recommended hook size -

Belly & Tail: Shout Ringed Kudako 2/0 - 3/0 Click to Add hooks

Split Rings: 80-120lb range (Fisherman, Gamakatsu Sz 6, CB One EXH Sz 6, Carpenter, BKK) Click to Add Rings

110mm & 54g Horizontal Fast Sinking