Stickbaits & Pencils

Stick baits for tuna, Stick baits for GTs and stickbait lure fishing, Ebb Tide tackle has the best stickbait Brands for lure fishing such as Amegari, ASWB Lures, CB One, Fisherman Japan, Megabass, Orion Lures France, Adhek Bali, Heru, Jack Fin, Blaze, Reefs Edge, Reaction, Full Scale, Shout, Strategic Angler, Lurenzo, Bassday, Siren Lures and more! At Ebb Tide Tackle we love fishing and only use the stickbaits we sell, the best lures for surface pencil and floating and sinking stickbait fishing. We always have the trebles, hooks, split rings and terminal fishing gear that matches all lures.