Strategic Angler Custom Lures Walker Series

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Strategic Angler Custom Lures Walker Series

Floating Top water and subsurface stickbait

- slow to medium retrieve

- floats with tail down at rest

- enticing zig zagging surface action with steady rod twitches

- diving bubble trail and surface pop with rod sweep

- twitch, pause, retrieve and sweep for erratic surface movement

- medium retrieve with the rod tip down for sub surface presentation

- use a heavier rear hook for a vigorous walk the dog action

255mm long - weight range 132gm - 140gm

Recommended hooks: minimum 3/0 front, 4/0 rear or 4/0 front, 5/0 rear (will take larger hooks). We use Gamakatsu GT Recorder 7/0 on belly and Shout Kudako 8/0 on tail for GTs

Please Note: Some variation may exist as lures are individually painted.