Strip Teaser - 6 strip Entice


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Strip Teaser - 6 Strip Entice

12″ Fixed 6 armed Dredge bar, rigged with 6 holographic strips that each contain 5 fish for a total of 30 fish teaser. There is provision for an additional strip to be added at the centre of the teaser if required. Fish on strips are double laminated, the strip has a reinforce tow eye. Each strip is 120cm in length. Comes packaged in a fully washable teaser bag for easy storage of your teaser. Brilliant on kingfish and also highly regarded on Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and other pelagic species. These teasers are considered the secret weapon by many very successful game fishermen and live bait anglers!

Walk them around behind you boat while dragging livebaits, or searching the shallow inshore reefs for casting targets with lures to attract kingfish straight to your boat!

Great size for everyday trailerboats and packs away easily. Comes full assembled and ready to attach to your weighted tow rope/teaser line.

Additional strips can be added to the centre tow point or replace any damaged strips,

Strip Teaser - 6 strip Entice

Strip Teaser - 6 strip Entice