Tasline Elite Hollow 1000m


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Tasline Elite Hollow Braid 1000m

Tasline Elite Hollow White braid is pure 12 strand, with no coatings or additives, leaving it silky smooth.

The braid can be easily spliced for a seamless and knot-free connection with 100% strength, for applications like backing on game reels. This braid is tweaked to optimum performance. Manufactured and tested in small batches, to make sure Tasline Elite Hollow is the best hollow braid available.

Tasline hollow is a flat braid and this also helps to pack onto the reel flat and avoid line dig in. Measuring was taken across six points on rotation.
We do not recommend Tasline Elite hollow braid on spin reels as this flat line will show a significant line twist.

Technical Specs:

Size 60lb 80lb 100lb 130lb
Diameter  0.42mm   0.46mm   0.53mm   0.72mm 
PE Rating 6 8 10 13
Actual Ave. Break 96lb 107lb 141lb 188lb

Source: Tasline Pty Ltd

Also available in 600m spools