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To the Banks and back

Guest Blog by Mark Armistead – Extreme Sportfishing Adventures

Photos by Mark Armistead and Jason Taylor
years trip to the Ranfurly Banks didn’t quite start out as it had been planned,
a slight mishap on the behalf of Jetstar saw a whole bunch of fishing rods go
AWOL prior to the trip. That left us with a later than planned start and a
brutal steam through the night to get to the banks.

Unfortunately for us we also had a pretty sour window of weather forecast for
the entire trip, either side of our trip saw some respite from the wind but not
so lucky for us. Even with some pretty brutal winds, 30knots plus for most of
the trip we still fished every day and only had one day not out on the Banks.

Jigging was the order of the day and mornings saw the best bites, plenty of
good fish were caught and some even bigger fish were lost!!! Even though we
were there to try our hands at some top water fishing the fish just never came
up to the surface for us, the sign on the sounder screamed surface action with
many big fish being spotted on the sounder in prime zones. It wasn’t through a
lack of effort though with guys casting at every likely opportunity.

One of the rough days sent us to some spots closer in and let us at some of the
tasty deep water Hapuka, everybody landed a nice Hapuka and some of the meals
we had afterwards were pretty special. Throw in some trumpeter, Terakihi and
sashimi kingfish and we really ate like kings.

Pretty tough conditions and hard fishing was the order of the day for this trip
but the whole group plugged away and never moaned or complained even the sea
sick ones were hard as nails. We had a taste of the big fish and just how
powerful they are, but they left us hoping for more and ready to come back and
rumble again.

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