Toray Bawo SuperHard Mono

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Toray Bawo SuperHard Polyamide Plus Mono line

Brilliant monofilament mainline for native fishing (& topwater!)

Toray BAWO Polyamide Plus is a premium 100% nylon line.

There is almost no stretch to this line and the sensitivity is incredible! It gives a high durability and is perfect for hardbody lures and topwater, having all the positive advantages of braid with the handling characteristics of a nylon mono. These lines come in a much thinner diameter than all other nylon lines and the ultra low stretch ensures a perfect hook set every time.

100% Nylon Line. Parallel wound.

Watermelon Green colour.

Specially blended Polymer gives highest sensitivity, and highest strength among nylon lines.

Good for all water colors, but outstanding in stained water.

150m spool