YGK Galis FC Absorber Fluorocarbon Leader


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YGK Galis FC Absorber Fluorocarbon Leader

Hard wearing Fluorocarbon leader!

YGK Galis FC Absorber is a hard, tough fluorocarbon leader with a unique softness to the line through YGK's manufacturing process, resulting in the ultimate fluorocarbon leader. On the outside, surface hardness makes the fluorocarbon tough and abrasion resistant, but the added softness increases its flexibility and knot tying ability.

This fluorocarbon has extremely low visibility underwater due to its high refractive index which renders it almost invisible underwater. Also, the density of the fluorocarbon allows for extremely good sensitivity, ensuring you feel everything that's happening down the business end and it sinks, keeping a direct line between you and your lure or bait.

YGK Galis FC Absorber is a great leader when you need high abrasion resistance and toughness, whether that means you're fishing around reefs and rocks or you're up against angry fish, or if you need a near invisible presentation on wary fish

Great knot strength, super strong. Made in Japan

20 to 70lb comes in a 60m SPOOL (N830)

100 and 130lb comes in a 50m SPOOL (N830)