YGK Galis Ultra Castman Full Drag WX8 (300m spool)


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YGK Galis Ultra Castman Full Drag WX8 - 300m

One of the best GT fishing braids made!

YGK Galis Ultra Castman Full Drag WX8 is a premium casting PE braid specifically developed for lure casting & probably the best GT casting line ever made. Easy to see white braid with length markers.

Premium grade, Ultra fine diameter PE fibres minimise the diameter of the braid & revolutionary GD-P technology minimises and negates any stretch, along with wind knots, allowing serious hooksets to be employed.

Super fine PE braid. Soft coating maximises casting distance, also has great abrasion resistance.

WX8 weave ensures the braid holds together, no splitting and no stretch. 


Our favourite braid, from Murray Cod to GTs, we keep coming back to this sensational line!

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