Gan Craft Ayrton 63

Gan Craft

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Gan Craft Ayrton 63MR Diving Minnow

Powerful Action Cranking Shad!

Gan Craft AYRTON is a 63mm deep diving hardbody shad bait that will be successful on Australian species that feed on small bait fish in both fresh, estuaries and saltwater. Perfectly developed with the concept of "just winding and fishing", the Ayrton63 has a powerful action that appeals to shallow to middle range feeding fish. This lure will get down and in their face to trigger a reaction bite. However, because it is designed to avoid obstacles by winding, it can boldly attack the bottom and snags, bouncing over them and not getting hung up. A slender silhouette + powerful action, comparable to a crankbait but in a realistic baitfish style profile. A must have for Bass, but still at home for many species such as yellowbelly, cod on small bait, mulloway, estuary perch and more. A shimmy float action, that emerges swaying and occurs on the pause. By putting a pose between the powerful winding appeals and letting it surface swaying, you can create a space between the meals immediately after winding.

Length: 63mm
Diving depth: 1.5m - 2.5m
Weight: 7.3g
Buoyancy: Floating
Rigged with #6 trebles
Made in Japan