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Unlocking the Depths: Exploring Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Guide Slow pitch jigging has emerged as a revolutionary fishing technique, captivating anglers worldwide with its unique approach and impressive results.… Read more »

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Why Catch and Release is More Than Just a Fishing Trend

The art and technique of catch and release plays a vital role in promoting conservation and sustainability in our fisheries by helping to maintain stable… Read more »

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New Arrivals – Jack Fin Lures to rely on!

We have just loaded a massive new restock of Jack Fin lures onto the website. Jack Fin Lures are direct from Italy from specialist lure… Read more »

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Bugatti Reef GT Fishing with Topwater Sportfishing #Superkast

Ebb Tide Tackle heads off to Bugatti Reef with Topwater Sportfishing. Check out the epic times that were had by all! With fishing travel limited… Read more »

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Topwater Southern Bluefin Tuna – The Ebb Tide Guide

A little bit like our all-encompassing topwater kingfish blog, we have put together a bluefin tuna guide for you to wet your appetite and get… Read more »

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