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Unlocking the Depths: Exploring Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

Slow Pitch Jigging Rod Guide

Slow pitch jigging has emerged as a revolutionary fishing technique, captivating anglers worldwide with its unique approach and impressive results. Unlike traditional jigging methods, slow pitch jigging involves a deliberate, rhythmic movement of the rod, enticing fish with a tantalizing fluttering motion to attract fish and get you hooked up. Slow Pitch jigging, commonly known as ‘SPJ’ is a sensational method to fish all day and also get a great feed of bottom fish, species like Snapper, Emperor, Trout, Gurnard, but also tuna, kingfish and pelagics hit slow pitch jigs with gusto! Its growing popularity stems from several great benefits and SPJ fishing in Australia is taking off.

  • Precise control and presentation of lures: enabling anglers to target specific depths and structures with superb accuracy.
  • Reduced fatigue and strain on the angler, as the slow, methodical movements are less physically demanding compared to traditional jigging techniques. Fish all day with ease!
  • Slow pitch jigging has proven to be incredibly effective in enticing cautious or inactive fish, resulting in increased catch rates and memorable angling experiences.

As anglers continue to unlock the potential of slow pitch jigging, its appeal only continues to grow, promising exciting opportunities for both seasoned veterans and newcomers to the sport. Choosing the right fishing rod is paramount for achieving optimal performance and success in slow pitch jigging, a technique reliant on finesse and precision.

  • Rod length plays a crucial role in controlling the depth and movement of the lure, with longer rods providing greater leverage for precise manipulation.
  • The rod’s action determines its responsiveness to subtle movements, crucial for eliciting the enticing fluttering motion that entices fish. A rod with a slow to moderate action allows for better control and manipulation of the lure, enhancing its effectiveness.
  • Power, or the rod’s ability to withstand pressure and bend under load, must be carefully matched to the target species and fishing conditions. Choosing a rod with the appropriate power ensures sufficient strength to handle larger fish while maintaining the sensitivity required for detecting delicate bites. In the realm of slow pitch jigging, where finesse and control are paramount, selecting the right fishing rod is not merely a matter of preference but a fundamental aspect of angling success.

One important point to note, slow pitch jig rods are not designed around the breaking strain of the braid on your reel. Matching a rod is part of the SPJ System. The rods primary task is to present your jig and impart maximum action to the jig. And the thinner the braid, the more action you can drive into your jig and hold direct contact with your jig (less sag or line belly). generally, PE2 or PE3 will see you sorted for most applications. Fighting the fish can be achieved by using the reel and the less traditional point and wind, rather than pump and wind technique used for heavy tackle fishing.

SPJ Australia Ebb Tide Tackle

Jarvis Wall with a great Blue Eye. Howk Hot Spot 350 SPJ Rod


Howk Hot Spot rods are slow pitch jigging rods designed and finished with premium top of the range components. Fuji SiC guides and the very best Toray graphite make these rods a pleasure to use and perform like nothing else. Unique tapers that will pitch and deliver action to your slow jig but built with a hefty reserve of bottom end power, they are the perfect allrounder when you are looking for a new slow pitch jigging rod. They also present live baits and deep baits extremely well. With THIRTEEN MODELS IN THE RANGE, there is definitely a Hot Spot Rod to suit your fishing.


SPJ Rod Howk Hot Spot Range



Temple Reef was founded in 2006 to create high quality fishing rods and tackle to cover all sportfishing, casting and jigging with commitment to quality and innovation in fishing gear. The Temple Reef Range of rods are responsive, sensitive, powerful, and reliable.

At Ebb Tide Tackle, we choose to range Temple Reef Rods to give you options for a Slow Pitch Jigging Rod to cover the exact application that you need.


Levitate is the flagship range from Temple Reef. Levitate is designed as an all-rounder rod for SPJ, it is versatile with a harmonious balance of action and power that is ideal for slow fall or long fall presentation. At 6’8” it is slightly longer than most SPJ rods, but this length allowed for backbone placement without compromising rod action.


Elevate is designed to provide that pure slow pitch experience and durability at price that performs well above what you pay!   The Elevate is the gateway for every angler to have access to highly technical and capable equipment. Featuring Neutral Spiral guide train that will allow for both lefty and righty reels.   Elevate 2.0 is equipped with DSS (Direct Sensory System) to deliver maximum feeling and sensitivity direct to your hand through the rod.


Project X is a hybrid jigging rod series. A new concept, this one-piece blank designed to function both as a SPJ as well as Speed Jigging rod. Project X can be used in many different conditions.  Engineered with a sensitive tip to provide the pure slow pitch experience, and backbone and power for fast rhythmic movement of speed jigging.   Project X is equipped with DSS (Direct Sensory System) to deliver maximum feeling and sensitivity direct to your hand through the rod.


Grand Cru is the answer to fishermen who wants what was previously impossible: SPJ action and stopping power in a rod. Featuring a proprietary 2-piece 70/30 joint design that allows for unrivalled backbone and SPJ action; 66 Grand Cru will respond with on-demand power when there is a need to horse a big Red Emperor or Grouper away from structure and the need to pump and wind without saturating energy. Unique rod that set a new benchmark in Australia!




You can also check out the range of Spathe, inline series of rods. Taking pure SPJ performance to the next level with line running through the blank and minimizing any chance of tip wraps and allowing the rod blank to perform at its ultimate. I hope this information gives you a great idea to get into the Slow Pitch Jigging journey. It’s a great way to fish and anyone can have a great time on the water with this awesome technique & approach to fishing! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we’ll gladly get you kitted and ready to get jigging!

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