Heru Ulua

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Heru Ulua

Floating stickbait with huge action

Heru Ulua stickbait the floating stickbait which has an action that fish just can’t resist! Larger sizes renowned for enticing GTs, the mid sizes for kingys & sailfish, while the smaller sizes cast for barra, queenies and tuna are simply irresistible and have become one of the favourite calm water lure for guide operations across the world such as Nomad Charters.

Heru Ulua has proven itself in calm conditions when the fish get fussy, a subtle retrieve with a slow sweep & pause retireve gives the lure a lifelike swimming action and on the pause the lure will pop its head out of the water like an injured baitfish.

A twitch retrieve will also get this lure darting from side to side in a walk the dog fashion. The construction of this lure is of high quality timber and both the paint finish and the timber can handle an absolute beating from fish, it has a full wire construction with super strong NT swivel in the belly.

Customised "Ebb Tide" logo.

Heru Ulua available in the following sizes:

40g (140mm)

60g (170mm)

90g (190mm)

120g (210mm)

150g (230mm)

200g (250mm)