Irukandji Sicario 225mm Swimbait 9"

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Irukandji Sicario 225mm Swimbait

NEW 9" Soft paddle tail swimbait!

SICARIO IS HERE! Irukandji Sicario signature paddle tail swim bait, designed to impart an enticing body roll and tail action when retrieved at slow speeds. Perfect for most tackle destroying predatory sportfish such as barramundi, jewfish, flathead, murray cod, pike and many others. These dynamite soft plastic paddle tail swimbaits are designed from the ground up to do one thing, swim like no other and get eaten by the ultimate predators. Sicario has a hot inducing body roll and tail kick, fish calling vibrations are transmitted 270+ degrees from the lure. Rigged on a jig head, or with weighted and unweighted weedless hooks, the action remains strong and enticing.

SICARIO lures were designed to accommodate a swinging stinger treble from the primary hook eye - the most common rigging method for large soft lures to boost hookups on implosion feeders like trophy barramundi and cod. We ensured the bait does not heel over sideways on the retrieve when rigged in this way, like many soft lure designs tend to do which have not been designed with this specific rigging method in mind.

Developed in Australia and fine tuned by an elite team of anglers, including professional fishing guides, you can be assured the hard yards in development has been rewarded with this magnificent lure! Sensational colours and several sizes, get yours today while they last!

225mm (9"), approx weight 84g unrigged

1 per pack

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Rig these bad boys up with serious sized hooks, Barambah Barra Jigheads 9/0 size, and assist rig them for the biggest bites and hook-ups

Irukandji Sicario 225mm Swimbait 9"

Irukandji Sicario 225mm Swimbait 9"

Irukandji Sicario 225mm Swimbait 9"