Jack Fin Argo 240-F

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Jack Fin Argo 240

Jack Fin GT Series Is Here!

Argo 240-F is a stick-bait with incredible performance, producing a huge bubble trail drawing fish from any distance. The huge flash from the foil body and wings is sure to draw the biggest and baddest GT, tuna and any pelagic hunting bait.
The Argo 240-F is designed to perform with a variety of retrieves, including traditional short and long jerking, along with a sensational WTD action. Also designed for maximum casting distance with unique shape and balance.

Argo 240-F has been designed and developed for serious tackle fishing over several years, manufactured with 2.1 mm stainless steel thru wire and several layers of extra-strong glossy finish to set the lure off and last.

Hook settings:
- Two Treble hooks 7/0
- (belly) Treble hook 7/0 (tail) GT-recorder 6/0
- Two Treble hooks 6/0
- (belly) Treble hook 7/0 (tail) single hook from 7/0 to 11/0 


175g unrigged

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