Jack Fin Pelagus 90-S

Jack Fin

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Jack Fin Pelagus 90-S

Pelagus 90-S is a small stick-bait originally designed for bluefin tuna, however it is perfect for any fish feeding on little anchovy or sardine.

Pelagus 90-S action is extremely versatile, works well with many kinds of retrieves but is characterised by a strong wobbling and flashing action while sinking, that can attract predators from a long distance.

Built super tough and reinforced with a 1.6mm stainless steel through wire and the coloration is protected by several layers of extremely resistant glossy coating.

Recommended rigging:

HEAVY TACKLE: One single Shout Ringed Kudako hook #6/0 on belly

LIGHT TACKLE: Two treble hooks Shout Treble 21 #2 or #4

SIZE: 90mm, 30g


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