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Lew’s Reels – What’s inside matters!

Lew’s Reels – What’s inside matters!

Lew’s fishing reels have brilliant & sensational functional features. Let’s take a quick look at what makes them such good value baitcast reels and suited to our Australian fishing needs!

Lew’s Performance Features

Gears: Backbone of your reel

If your reel doesn’t have a solid gearing foundation, the rest of the build around it is nothing but fluff. Lew’s don’t mess around and the Lew’s Speed Gears are designed and built for brilliant performance from a main gear in a reel! Coupled with the Lew’s P2 Super Pinion gear, which delivers better stability, more contact area & smoother operation than standard reels out there. This means longer life and stronger internals in your reel!

Images: Lew’s 2019 Product Catalogue

Bearings: The smooth operator

Bearings aren’t just there to make the reel feel nice. Free flowing spools and long casts don’t happen without quality bearings. Lew’s reel use double shielded stainless steel bearings. This delivers the best of both worlds, delivering great all round performance, protection from the dirt, weed, sludge and muck that penetrates a normal bearing and all keeping the cost at a great price for you!

Cast brakes: The precise edge of over-run protection

Lew’s employ a range of braking systems in their models. All braking systems are fully adjustable, from standard level magnetic braking systems that can be fully controlled (even back to total free spool), right through to premium variably centrifugal braking systems that have 27 different braking combinations. The best bit, these are easily adjusted and the reel does the hard work! In a nutshell, whatever braking system the reel is fitted with, you get quiet and smooth casting control that doesn’t cut off casting distance.

Lew’s Clever Trick Additions!

Thinking about the angler and delivering extra clever tricks that make life more enjoyable is what Lew’s do best. Check out these for a couple of brilliant features!

Speed Dial

There is nothing worse than forgetting the breaking strain of the line on your reel, especially if you own multiples of the same reel and the braid looks similar. Lew’s have solved this! Just adjust the Lew’s Speed Dial to easily identify the line type and weight on the reel!
Image: Lew’s 2019 Product Catalogue

Speed Keeper

We love this! The Speed Keeper is a built in hook keeper, on the reel! No more damaged rod blanks, cut up grips or scratched up reels. Easy to use, just flick it out from the reel body, use it, and then flick it back in to the reel when not in use!

Winn Grips

Comfort plus! The unique Winn Grips found on selected Lew’s reel models deliver soft cushioned performance and feeling over long periods of time. Plus, they stay grippy in cold and wet conditions! Ideal for chasing Murray Cod during the depths of winter. Plus, you can get individual grips to customise your reels as needed!

There are many unique features on Lew’s reels in the range. Be sure to check each of them out at or drop a comment below with any questions you have on these award winning reels that are taking Australia by storm!

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