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Megabass Garuda, the ultimate Murray Cod Swimbait?


Lake Eildon Cod love Garuda

Have you ever had a lure that you thought was good, but the more you used it you realised it was great?  That’s my story with Megabass Garuda and let me tell you why.

First up lets get it in the open, Garuda is technically a wakebait, but it doesn’t stop us or anyone for treating it like one, as it excels with a chin weight subsurface.

The important specs;

Weight: 128 grams
Length: 236 mm
Hooks: 2 x 2/0 trebles

The multi joint on a Garuda makes an audible knock from the joints at faster retrieve rates, but is a lot more subtle slower, just the way I prefer it.

Beautiful Megabsss detail and styling – this pattern is Ayu
More Eildon fish on Garuda
Christian had an awesome Copeton trip with Garuda

Not that I have done it (nor do I yet see a need to) Garuda can be ‘back hook tuned’ by removing the trebles and attaching a jingle hook to the back (top) of the lure where there is a slot that has a magnet embedded to aid keeping a single in place.  Included in the packaging are a set of Elastomer pads if you want to quiet down the knocking sound

So why am I so keen on Garuda? With a double joint and an angled bib Garuda has two key attributes that make it a kick ass Murray cod lure; firstly it has a beautiful swim action at a dead slow speed making it look like a mooching in your face bait fish, and secondly it is amazingly snag resistant, so much so I haven’t lost one in two years! I have had a few close calls though but I really put it in the danger zone an awful lot.  The secret to both these attributes is undoubtedly the bib, it’s just right, and perfectly stiff-arms timber and bounces over, allowing t to be deployed where you may not dare other premium baits.  I get a confidence using it where I know I can put it in their face, great confidence bait, straight up a winner.  Also, it works just as well in impoundments as well as fast rivers like the Murray.

I can get many different reactions from this bait, here are a few to consider;
1 – super slow roll, unweighted – acting like a true wakebait, Garuda will swim just subsurface
2 – faster retrieve unweighted – 2 to 4 feet down putting out massive vibration
3 – 3/8 or 1/2 oz chin weight, lure still floats but runs a a little deeper, good for walking over snags still

Nice night stalker for John Cahill

4 – 3/4 oz chin weight – lure suspends which is the ultimate presentation! However a little more chance of being snaggy
5 – 1 oz chin weight, Garuda sinks, this is my favorite for fishing 6m plus in lakes.  Drop it to the bottom and super slow crawl it back.

Now before you check it out and declare, nice bait, but that thing costs too much I will give you the heads up, it IS a premium bait, but it’s worth it.

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