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Megabass Magdraft – our favorite soft swimbait for Murray Cod

Megabass Magdraft – our favorite soft swimbait for Murray Cod

Beast! At 125cm’s this cod makes a 10inch Magdraft look like a snack

Soft plastic swimbaits aren’t new, but the cat is well and truly out of the bag with the Megabass Magdraft! Magdraft is making it’s presence known with some impressive and very regular Murray cod captures in a range of situations.  We first started using this bait a few years ago (2016 we think) where it dominated on a trip to Copeton.  Since then it has been a staple in our tackle bags and gets a fair bit of time in the water, I guess you call that a confidence bait from our perspective, but for we know it takes a long time for the cod community to accept a product as a staple when so many pieces of gear are touted as must haves day in day out.

Afternoon nugget from working an 8inch Magdraft deep through vertical timber


In simple terms the Magdraft swim is very realistic, it puts out a solid tail thump at slow speed combined with an enticing body roll, this is the optimum speed you should seek to replicate for the most part with some pauses along the way.  It’s soft construction allows it to be inhaled deeply as it folds readily.

Murray Cod of all sizes inhale Magdraft deep!

Available in a range of swimbait sizes, the Magdraft is moulded around an internal wire and weight harness that incorporates a nifty magnet to secure the stock treble in place against the bait.  There is also a slot in the plastic for a more secure less snaggy configuration, this design is what is known as the Maghold system.  It should be said that this design is very strong and I could not imagine a 6, 8 or 10 inch failing on a cod, the 5 inch version is probably a little small and lightly built for big muzzas however.  The bait features some other cool designs, like the Megabass 3D eye and a carefully designed fin system to prevent the bait swimming off keel.

Magdraft Range Available at Ebb Tide Tackle

5″ Magdraft: 5″ (127mm) long & 3/4oz (22g) Rigged with #4 Megabass Treble
6″ Magdraft: 6″ (150mm) long & 1.25oz (35g) Rigged with #1 Megabass Treble
8″ Magdraft: 8″ (200mm) long & 3.1oz (88g) Rigged with #1/0 Megabass Treble
10″ Magdraft: 10″ (250mm) long & 6.2oz (175g) Rigged with #2/0 Megabass Treble
This healthy cod is hooked on the stock hook and added stinger

My favorite size is the 8 inch for a number of personal preferences, however all have their place in the kit.  The 6 inch at only 35g is an awesome bait to use in quieter or shallow backwaters as it sinks fairly slowly or in crystal clear head water situations.  It’s perfect to skip it under willows or run along shallow lay downs and weed beds, with this size please make sure you upgrade the stock trebles. We upgrade with the Shout Treble 21 in 1 or 1/0 size. The 8 inch at 88g is perfect as a crossover size between river and lake applications with the big 10 inch at 175g is at home in our big lakes, think Eildon, Copeton, Blowering and Burrenjuck; we fish them deep and slow.

Cod on the larger 10 inch Magdraft
Fishing Magdraft at night is deadly 


We have enjoyed a great hook up rate for the most part, but have missed the odd hookset, possibly from smaller fish.  We have played around with a variety of stinger hook configurations and have found that if you want to add a stinger, you are better off placing it under the bait to keep the bait from becoming unbalanced, keep the hook small and ,make sure what you do doesn’t prevent that natural body roll which is key to how a Magdraft get’s so many bites.  See below for our favorite way to put a stinger on one using 60lbs single strand wire and a haywire twist, we stole this method from the knowledgeable dudes at Tactical Bassin’ in the states and in no way claim it as our idea, we just adapted it to suit the Magdraft in our local conditions.

Another little trick we use sometimes if the water is dirty or we aren’t sure we are making enough commotion is to add a chatter bait blade, this then changes the bait entirely. This gives a unique edge and stay tuned!

60lbs single strand wire, with the 1 inch long tag end of the Haywire twist used to embed it in the bait

We carry the entire size ranges of the Megabass Magdraft and rate it highly as our go to option on many occasions. Please feel free to Click through here to the webstore to shop Magdraft or check out the colour ranges available!


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