Barambah Bidjiwong 200


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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions22 × 11 × 5 cm


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Barambah Bidjiwong 200

Barambah Bidjiwong 200 is a proven surface lure for Murray cod in lakes, rivers and creeks. A great easy to manage surface lure and has interchangeable bibs.

At 200mm and 57g it has a great surface presence, but can be easily cast on conventional baitcast or spin tackle, which is why it is so it is so versatile in a wide range of applications.

A unique lizard creature bait, that can be fished as a natural wake bait or as a surface paddler (two bib options in the packet) that puts out heaps of noise. It also has an oversized steel ball rattle in the second segment for added sonic attraction. The Bidjiwong 200 is rigged with three treble hooks for maximum hook exposure with no fouling up on the cast.

Length: 200mm (8″)

Weight: 57g (2oz)

Action: Topwater Wakebait/Paddler

Buoyancy: Floating

Noise: Joint noise and rattle

Also available in a smaller Baby Bidjiwong size (5.5″ and 3/4oz)