Catch Baby Boss Jig


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Catch Fishing Baby Boss Slow Pitch Jig

Ultra light Slow Pitch Flutter jig!

Irresistible to snapper, the perfect Port Phillip Bay and shallow water snapper jig! Made form a tough zinc alloy for increased hang time in the water. Slow pitch jigging has taken Japan by storm. Catch products developers have tested and enhanced the Japanese style boss lure, making it irresistible to most fish species.

The Catch Baby Boss 20g features:

  • Made from Zinc for increased hangtime and toughness.
  • This state of the art jig can be used as a slow pitch lure as well as several other techniques.
  • The edges of the lure create its unique swimming and vibrating action that triggers an attack response in most fish species.
  • Bright holographic colours on one side with natural fish design on the other draws attention to the lure from a distance.
  • Pre-rigged with 1/0 stainless steel jigging hook and heavy duty PE assist cord.
  • Available in 20 gram (65mm long, approx 21mm wide)