CB One F1 60g Casting Jig

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Dimensions15 × 5 × 2 cm


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CB One F1 60g Casting Jig

Hybrid jig or bait profile casting lure!

CB One F1 jig is a casting jig designed for boat and shore based spinning when fish like tuna, kingfish and others are focussed on small fast moving whitebait, pilchard, sardines, saury and similar species. Designed to be fished fast, with a great action that holds the water and will get you the bite when the fish are so focussed they can be frustrating!

Horizontal wobble on free fall and a darting action when a fast twitch retrieve is used. Ultra long casting distance lure.

60g – 10mm long

Rigging Recommendation: Shout Ringed Kudako in 2/0 on tail (#5 Split ring) or Gamakatsu Inline Single HD 4/0 (#5 Split ring)