CB One Sinking Pencil Front Assist Hook

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CB One Sinking Pencil Front Assist Hooks

CB One Sinking Pencil Front Assist Hooks are purposely designed as a front hook system for tuna casting that compensates for the weaknesses of small sinking pencils rigged with small hooks. Also excellent for all stickbait fishing as the same principle applies to other species like kingfish, mackerel, reef fish, GTs, and more. Since a larger hook size can be selected compared to the treble hook, it is possible to match a small bait with a large tuna during predation with the bait. In addition, the flight distance is dramatically improved by reducing air resistance and stabilizing the center of gravity. All use “Zylon” cord with excellent strength and cut resistance.

Below are specific examples from CB One, but these hooks are well suited to sinking pencils/stickbait lures of the same size from other manufacturers.

2 hooks per pack

Hook SizeGape Assist CB ONE LURE MATCH
 5/0 16mm  35mm drop  Ozma 95, 105, 115
 7/0 18mm  50mm drop Ozma 105, 115, 140
 7/0 EXH 20mm  50mm drop Ozma 105, 115, 140
 9/0 EXH 22mm 50mm drop Ozma 115, 140