CB One SX Jigging Assist Hooks

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Dimensions15 × 5 × 2 cm




CB One Blitz SX Jigging Assist Hooks

CB One SX Jigging Assist Hooks are a strong, yet regular gauge jigging hook for tuna, kingfish and other powerful fish.

The hook targets at big amberjack, yellowtail and other powerful fishes as well as 30kg class mid-size tuna. CB One tested many available hooks of the same type and found this hook to be the best, as a single assist hook. It has the best strength, penetration performance, hold ability and hooking rate. 6/0 has a wire diameter Φ2mm, which has a good balance between sticking and strength. 7/0 has Φ2.2mm medium wire, medium thick shaft diameter.
This SX hook is suitable for jigging with a single assist to the front and rear.
You should use it when your target is big, but you need to take a delicate approach.

Unrigged so you can tie your own custom assists.

6/0: 6 hooks per pack: Gape 20mm at barb, Length 42mm, 2.0mm wire

7/0: 5 hooks per pack: Gape 22mm at barb, Length 46mm, 2.2mm wire