Deps Buzzjet Jnr



Deps Buzzjet Jnr

Deps Buzzjet Jnr is the perfect allround size topwater wake bait/buzzbait style lure, it can dog walk, shallow dive, wake bait and fizz! Buzzjet Jnr draws a massive amount of attention, not only with its internal ball bearing rattling system, but also with its tail prop, causing the lure to omit a wake which draws the freshwater predators in. This highly effective surface lure is deadly, attracting bass, estuary perch, river cod, trout, yellowbelly and other fish with its irregular yet highly noticeable swimming action, and water displacement system. Long distance casting from the unique profile of the lure and distance casting that outperforms all other surface lures on the market. Find out why Bass fisherman worldwide can’t get enough of these truly magnificent lures.

LENGTH – 72mm
WEIGHT – 14g

Rigged with #6 Trebles