Deps Evoke 4.0 Crankbait


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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions22 × 6 × 4 cm



Deps Evoke 4.0 Crankbait

Mega sized Crankbait – XXL COD!

The Deps Evoke 4.0 crankbait is a hardbody crankbait designed to have big presence and fish pulling power! Designed to reach a maximum depth of 4.0m, this big crankbait has also been designed with specific fish appeal as a premium lure. Deps have removed any unnecessary internal partitions and bulk, and by adding a specific internal weight inside the body, created a lure that has an exception range of rolling action not seen elsewhere! The frequency of sound emitted by the Deps Evoke is a high frequency that has not been achievable in ABS plastic!

The unique design gives great action without huge drag pull against the angler while working this lure. And still maintains great ability to bump over obstacles.

Rigged with Ryugi “Brutal Treble TC Coated” #1/0 trebles

100mm body (4in)

56.5g (2 oz)

*Like any ABS lure, don’t leave them to get extra hot in your box, risk of damage from extreme heat