Deps Flat Back Jig


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Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm

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Deps Flat Back Jig Skirted Jig

Deps Flat Back Jig is a skirted jig to swim through heavy weed cover. Designed for high operability in swimming such as heavy cover flipping, lift and fall while slipping through the weed, and swimming that utilizes the good lift, has a low centre of gravity with an eye position at the tip of the flat and wide head. Due to the shape, it has a high hookup rate without fouling on weed and snags.

Built in brush guard pushes over heavy cover and a thick shaft hook that can withstand forcible exchanges, it has many achievements as a power jig that can be screwed into the heavy cover without hesitation and pull out the big bass, perch, cod or other fish. In addition, the unique streamlined head form that creates turbulent water flow by swimming and makes the skirt flutter greatly is indispensable for capturing the dead weed in autumn and efficiently uphill tracing the break line.

Built with an extremely sharp Owner hook, that sticks out clearly and the soft bait serving as a trailer is not only pulled over the hook: the safety device fixes the rubber bait below the hook shank. Due to the large and stable single hook, this rubber jig is strong enough for large perch, bass, yellowbelly, and even suitable for Murray Cod!

The nylon weed guard resists snagging while remaining soft enough for predators to expose the hook, and the head shape is ideal for working the jig through weedy and snaggy country. Fitted with the best quality silicone skirt for huge action also!

  • SIZE : 1/2oz
  • HOOK SIZE : #3/0 (OWNER)