Deps Slide Swimmer 145



Deps Slide Swimmer 145

Small Glide bait for big fish!

Deps Slide Swimmer 145 Glide Bait is a snack size profile glidebait for a range of fish. At home chasing XL Trout and Bass, this lure is still a great size to make it ideal as a flathead glide bait, Murray Cod, barramundi, mulloway (jewies), saratoga & more! The 145 is a downsized profile of the entire Slide Swimmer range. A single joint lure, the Deps Slide Swimmer 145 Glide Bait swims with a wide, side-to-side S motion that draws fish to get a serious bite on a straight retrieve! It also has a brilliant kicking action on a twitch and jerk style retrieve with long pauses.

Made with a unique process, the Slide Swimmer features an ABS injected core with an internal spring weight in the head that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause, just like a real bait-fish! The Slide Swimmer is then finished with a soft plastic skin with extremely realistic detail, colour and finish, even down to sale patterns and gills. This soft skin allows the lure to have a subtle natural sound in the water and helps to deliver extra action. All Slide Swimmer have a unique Water Through Duct, that allows water to flow between the core body and the outer shell, making the lure an extremely life like glide bait!

Ideal for rivers and our lakes like Eildon, Mulwala, Copeton, Blowering and other impoundments!

Slow Sinking 145mm (5.7″)

51g (1.8oz)