Digital Squad Fierce Swimmer 8″ Swimbait

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Dimensions28 × 6 × 6 cm


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Digital Squad Fierce Swimmer 8″ Soft Swimbait

Digital Squad Fierce Swimmer 8 inch soft swimbait lures are designed for Australian anglers that chasing Murray Cod, Mulloway, Barramundi and other predators. It has big paddle tail which delivers a solid thump and vibration through the water, and its unique drop action opens it up to strikes on the drop. Internally fitted with a one piece stainless steel harness that is extremely strong and will not let you down. The lures are rigged with premium hooks, you also can set the hook on top as weedless setup. It has top and front tow points, also has chin weight point can easily add extra sinker. Fierce Swimmer 8 inch lure is a high end soft plastic from France, it will take your game to the next level! Originally design concept came out from specimen musky / pike fishing research, when a swimbait with natural action is needed. The secret of the Fierce swimmer lies in its combined flapping and falling action, which will induce most educated pike & predatory fish species to attack.

  • Multiple rigging points (Top, belly x2)
  • Chin weight point
  • Heavy thumping action, great cast & retrieve
  • Swims on the drop (ideal for Live Scope fishing)
  • Alternative action to other soft swimbaits, check out the video below!
  • 5 colours available!
  • Rigged, 94g (3.3oz)