Entice Game Fishing Teaser – 39 strip Large


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions70 × 35 × 10 cm


Entice Game Fishing Teaser – 39 strip

Entice 1.2 Metre Dredge Teaser is the perfect addition to any boat chasing pelagic species like marlin, tuna, kingfish and more! Designed to attract an array of sportfish like Marlin and Tuna get them focussed in on your spread. Teaser features natural garfish with a holographic flash finish.

  • 600mm wide (total width), fixed 6 armed Dredge Spreader bar
  • 13 Drop Cones, 39 Strips, 141 Holographic garfish
  • Each Cone has 3 Strips
  • 6 Outer Cones have 9 fish each, totalling 54 garfish
  • 6 Mid Cones have 12 fish each, totalling 72 garfish
  • Centre Cone has 15 garfish
  • Comes packaged in a fully washable teaser bag for easy storage of your teaser.

Walk them around behind you boat while dragging livebaits, or searching the shallow inshore reefs for casting targets with lures to attract kingfish straight to your boat!

Great size for everyday trailer boats and packs away easily. Comes full assembled and ready to attach to your weighted tow rope/teaser line.

Additional strips can be added to the centre tow point or replace any damaged strips, https://www.ebbtidetackle.com/strip-teaser-spare-strip-entice/