EverGreen Bream Slide


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Dimensions21 × 15 × 5 cm


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EverGreen Bream Slide

Swimbait for all size Murray cod, barra, mulloway, flathead!

Bream Slide Swimbait is a floating swimbait that features a single joint which creates a very tight swimming action while using a steady retrieve.
Make the lure glide several feet easily by sharp snaps from the rod tip or quick turns of the reel handle followed by a pause, and hang on!

Not just a sensational swimming action, the Ever Green Bream Slide Swimbait features molded gill plates, 3D eyes, hard dorsal fins, hard anal fins, as well as, soft rubber pectoral fins, soft rubber pelvic fins, and a soft rubber tail that provides next-level realism to fool the most wary of Murray Cod, Barra, XL Bass and any big predator. The lure also has one of the best high definition colour finishes that you will find on the market! It is also outfitted with two razor-sharp hand-tied feathered treble hooks that produce a secondary action when paused and deliver lightning fast hook sets. Covered in a high definition printed finish, the Evergreen International Bream Slide Swimbait is the ultimate all round imitation.

15cm floating, 3oz (85g)

Dives 0 to 1.0m