Gan Craft Jointed Claw Ratchet 184


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Dimensions20 × 10 × 3 cm


Gan Craft Jointed Claw Ratchet 184 Swimbait

Gan Craft Ratchet 184 is a flat side, multi joint, S Swimming swimbait, ideal for big bass, Murray Cod, barramundi and all swimbait fishing in Australia. Features the newly design ‘ROM Tail’ from Gan Craft and ROM damper rear joint, as seen in the Jointed Claw Shift 183. This is the new generation of Jointed Claw models and specialises in rippling action that pushes water and creates turbulence from the motion of the flat body and wide ROM tail. A true allrounder and can be fished as a slow S Swim, a high speed tight retrieve, jerk and roll and DEJI-MAKI action (head swing action at rest). Ratchet can be weighted in 4 positions to influence buoyancy and turn the lure into suspend or slow sink action.

Type: Floating, can be suspend or slow sink with stick on tuning weights (Gan Craft Sinking Helper or Atomic dots). Approx 1g should suspend in fresh water.

Slow retrieve: S-motion swimbait action Fast retrieve: Big lipless crankbait action

Hook Size: #1 treble front and rear

Length: 7″ (180mm)

Weight: 2.5oz (70g)