Gan Craft Jointed Claw S-Song 115



Gan Craft Jointed Claw S-Song 115 Glidebait – Sinking

The Gan Craft S Song 115 is a glidebait with a huge amount of detail and a special front under groove allowing water to flow through it, and is the secret behind the lures unbelievable action. By utilizing this current, the Gan Craft S Song 115 can produce an enticing side-to-side and top-to-bottom motion at virtually any retrieve speed! Ideal for everything in Australia from Cod to bass as well as barramundi, mulloway, flathead, trout, saratoga and predators that love small profile easy feeds!

On a steady retrieve, the Gan Craft S-Song 115 moves through the water with a smooth, and unbelievably lifelike S- swim pattern. At different retrieve speeds, the width of the swim pattern will change. Specially developed to also work well with a stop-and-go retrieve, giving it a slightly more erratic, and panicked movement. This slow sink model can be paused or stopped in retrieve and let fall to the bottom, and then bring back to life with a quick twitch to replicate an injured or dying fish. The Gan Craft S Song 115 fitted paired with striking 3D eyes, and an amazingly realistic scaling. In addition, the Gan Craft S Song 115 is also equipped with razor sharp Owner Stinger Hooks, ST-36BC Front: # 2 Rear: # 4

S Song 115 comes standard with 2 tails: The standard “normal” tail delivers the known & regarded S Shaped swim. The smaller “weak” tail (enclosed in box) delivers smaller tighter action. It is also effective for big pressured fish that do not respond to large S-shaped actions.

Length: 4.5″ (115mm)

Weight: 1oz (28gm)