Hayabusa Jack Eye Slow Jig


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Dimensions15 × 5 × 2 cm


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Hayabusa Jackeye Slow Jig

Slow Pitch centre weighted jig

Hayabusa Jack Eye Slow is a slow pitch centre weighted jig that has a slow wobbling fall action like a zig zag falling leaf. Loads of horizontal action and will draw fish from a long way away. This slow fall action along with unique coating create attractive flash of the jig and increase the chance for triggering a fish strike. Like all Hayabusa jigs, the Jackeye Slow has premium tough finish and paint work. A new revolution of versatile slow-moving vertical jig that was specifically designed to use the angler’s fishing rod repelling force.

Great for targeting all bottom species and mid water predators on the drop as well!

60g – 70mm

90g – 80mm

120g – 90mm

150g – 100mm

200g – 110mm

250g – 120mm

300g – 130mm