Heru Cubera 180g Popper


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Heru Cubera 180g Popper

Heru Cubera 180 popper is the popper for BEAST GTs! The biggest GT popper in the Heru Cubera range and like all Heru lures, well proven as one of the best value premium blue water casting poppers made!

Cubera are made from a solid timber body, with NT swivel belly hanger and full wire construction. They are are up to the toughest test & one of the nosiest poppers out there! Cubera feature a deep cupped face that catches a lot of water. Plus, they sit perfectly on the water with the built in lead tail weight sitting the popper balanced and ready for popping.

The Cubera has a huge chugger action, but due to its design will also leave a bubble trail behind the popper as you sweep it.  Often worked best with your popper rod under your arm in a sideways sweep or popping motion. A great technique is to leave the popper sit until the white-water has settled after popping. Often the maddest and biggest GTs hit the popper while stationary, after being called up by the massive chugger noise.

Customised “Ebb Tide” logo across the back. The official ‘By Heru’ signature shown on the belly with the lure model and size. We are proud at Ebb Tide Tackle to be the authorised Australian Heru Lures agent. The range of sizes available in the Cubera make these poppers suitable for a wide range of species. From inshore kingfish to the biggest nomad tuna and GTs in the ocean.

Heru Cubera 180 Rigging Guide: (Lure length 210mm long)

#1: Twin Treble Rigging: Gamakatsu GT Recorder 7/0 belly & tail, 300lb Rings (Fisherman, CB One EXH)

#2: Treble & Single Rigging: Gamakatsu GT Recorder 7/0 belly & Shout Kudako (8/0 or 9/0) on tail, 300lb Rings (Fisherman, CB One EXH)

Heru Cubera is also available in a wide range of other sizes: 40g (110mm), 60g (130mm), 80g (140mm), 100g (150mm), 125g (160mm), 150g (180mm)