Hitter Jump Frog


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Jump Frogs

Hitter Jump Frogs were originally designed to target Snakehead in Asian waters, but their action, behaviour and strength are ideal for Australian species that cant resist surface baits!

Already proven during testing by the Ebb Tide Adventures crew to fool plenty of species in northern Australia, either of the two sizes bring undone Barramundi, Saratoga, EP’s, Bass, Murray Cod and anything that fancies a topwater meal, even saltwater species in the south!

A short sharp twitch delivers a solid pop.  A gentle walk the dog retrieve produces a subtle wiggle. A slow constant retrieve leaves a subtle surface disturbance from the high vis silicone skirt.

Hitter Jump Frogs are fitted with a super strong and ultra sharp double hook, delivering a solid hook up with great snag resistance to cast back into the heavy cover!

Small: 45mm 10gm

Large: 50mm 15gm

“I can say without question that these are the most effective topwater presentation for Saratoga I have ever used. Fished side by side with my usual favourites they received close to a 3:1 strike rate. Combining the qualities of a hardbody and a weedless frog, they simply cannot be beaten. Caught their fare share of Barra too, and I’m confident they will be dynamite on Bass and Murray Cod in the south.” – BEN CURRELL, Vision Sportfishing www.visionsportfishing.com