Howk Tunastick 150


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Dimensions24 × 10 × 3 cm


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Howk Tunastick 150

Höwk Tunastick sinking stick bait lure can be fished with the most aggressive jerks. It can be retrieved at very high speeds and makes a perfect movement to captivate the attention and provoke the attack of any predatory and fastest fish. Target species like tuna, kingfish, mackerel, trevally, queenfish and reef species also.

Tunastick is an original design from more than a decade ago by the famous lure designer Jesús Torralba and is now proudly bought to the entire world by Howk Fishing. The Howk Tunastick has fished all the seas and oceans of the world obtaining excellent results. Tunastick is a compact and very heavy for its size, giving it a huge distance casting capacity.

Constructed of compacted epoxy resin and has a one-piece stainless steel internal harness. These qualities provide a really high resistance capable of withstanding attacks of tuna weighing up to 300kg. In short, the TUNASTICK is completely unbreakable. Undoubtedly a lure that has all the virtues to achieve success in any fishing day and a new addition we are excited to have at Ebb Tide Tackle.

  • Length: 15cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Split Rings: #7
  • Single rigging: Shout Ringed Kudako Singles 4/0 or 5/0 (or Gamakatsu Single Lure Hook HD in 6/0 for school/medium fish), Suteki Maboroshi Singles in 3/0
  • Treble rigging: Shout Treble 31 Size 2/0 or a single 3/0 Treble on the belly only (as made famous by Jamie Triay)

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