Irukandji Bloodhawk 175mm 7″ Swimbait


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Dimensions20 × 12 × 4 cm


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Irukandji Bloodhawk 175mm Softbait 7″

NEW Soft pulse tail soft plastic swimbait!

Irukandji Bloodhawk is a pulse tailed softbait with a high speed vibration signature designed to trigger a predatory response. Featuring deep belly slots, and hook recess behind the head, these lures can be rigged weedless whilst ensuring a high hookup rate. The natural profile and new extended colour range gives you the option of matching the hatch or opting for a reaction colour to induce the strike from the predators you are targeting. Boot tail style lures are highly under rated and proven big fish catchers.


  • Deep belly slots and hook recess
  • Pulse tail
  • Natural profile
  • 8 Hand painted colours
  • Realistic eyes

Deadly on Barramundi, Murray Cod, Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Black Bass, Mulloway, Snapper and more. Whether you are rigging weedless for barramundi, rolling them for big Murray Cod or tempting a mega Mulloway, these split belly boot tail swimbaits are a must have. Developed in Australia and fine tuned by an elite team of anglers, including professional fishing guides, you can be assured the hard yards in development has been rewarded with this magnificent lure! A great colour range and and several sizes will be available, get yours today while they last!

175mm (7″) each softbait weighs 39g unrigged.

3 per pack